Lake Huron Regional Chief Day, Serpent River First Nation.

Lake Huron Regional Chief Day, Serpent River First Nation.

MUNSEE-DELAWARE FN –Anishinabek Nation leaders are turning up the volume on a rights-based political agenda.

A Chiefs’ steering committee has been selected to work with the Union of Ontario Indians legal team to establish the appropriate mandate for an Anishinabek Rights and Title Conference. Work will begin immediately on the conference, which is to convene before the chiefs’ fall assembly.

“Third-party interests and government control over treaty territories is a long-standing problem that must be dealt with or Nation Building cannot occur,” said Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee.

Lake Huron Regional Chief Isadore Day, Lands and Treaty Portfolio Holder for the Anishinabek Nation, tabled a recommendation to convene the conference, the goal of which will be to coordinate a strategy to build an Anishinabek-nationwide foundation for the successful implementation of inherent and treaty rights.

“Our ancestors entered into treaties as a way to protect and preserve our rights and the rights of future generations,” said Chief Day.  “We must take up our responsibility to understand how to pass this legacy on to our children.”

Specific work at this conference will include a review of treaties, discussions about Anishinabek Law and jurisdiction, establishment of a consolidated list of concerns and grievances and building a decisive set of goals to advance Nation Building.

“We must make sure that when we talk about treaty and our inherent rights that we come up decisive plans,” said Chief Day. ” Hollow discussion and no action will only produce rhetoric. We expect the chiefs to give the green light on treaty enforcement and action to occupy the field – there is no other alternative.”