INM serpent riverOur collective movement “Idle No More” has been growing in leaps and bounds over the summer season! Our #SovSummer campaign launched on June 21’s National Aboriginal day was lifted up by hundreds of Indigenous-led community actions across both Turtle Island and Mother Earth!  We have amassed a database of over 120,000 Idle No More supporters through the new website along with a growing list of hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and many more taking action in the streets and out on the land.

Idle No More organizers recently attended and participated in an important meeting of sixty Indigenous land defenders and their allies representing front line struggles from across Canada. The meeting named by organizers “Building Unity to Action” took place on August 17, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario on the traditional Anishinaabe Territory of the New Credit First Nation. This was a strategic & tactical planning meeting organized by Idle No More-Toronto and Defenders of the Land to crystallize a plan for fall action. One of the primary outcomes of this historic meeting was consensus by all participants to collectively put out a call to all Native and non-Native supporters to join in a mass day of action on Oct 7th, 2013. This day marks the 250th Anniversary of the British Royal Proclamation, which lead to the founding of this country they call Canada – a country founded on indigenous lands.

If you believe in the spirit of Idle No More and the 6 calls for change of #SovSummer then we ask you to stand up and be counted this October 7, 2013! We encourage local autonomous groups to join in this call for a national day of action with messages and tactics that are appropriate to your local struggles.   We must collectively send a clear message that our movement will not stop intervening in Canada’s attempts to conduct business as usual, until our right to free, prior, and informed consent is universally upheld, until provisions of Bill C-45 are repealed, until justice is served in the dealings over our murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls and until our lands and our treaties are respected!

Organize an event in your community and read below about recent and upcoming Idle No More actions and events near you! Don’t forget to add your event for the October 7 day of mass action and be counted! Stay tuned for announcements by signing up to get involved and following us on Facebook and Twitter.