him standingBy Laura Dokis

Gifted from a young age, Lucas Smoke is taught by his grandfather how to channel his natural skill of carving into creating beautiful wooden faces. When his grandfather passes away without transferring the Teachings and the Cultural foundations associated with the source of his abilities, Lucas becomes vulnerable to having his gift exploited by a dark character.

Enticed by the promise of financial gain, Lucas embarks on a journey that leads him into a realm of competing forces that he has never before experienced. With the support of his girlfriend Amy and an Ojibway helper (Shaman) named Sally, Lucas navigates his way to the discovery of his roots.

Richard Wagamese creates a likeable main character, who learns through his dreams and Sally’s help to find balance between the light and the darkness, and as a result he is shown what is truly valuable in life.

Sally leads him through this experience in a way that demonstrates the “true magic” of helping and sharing your knowledge and gifts with others.  “Him Standing” is a quick and simple read that is pleasantly descriptive and direct. This book holds valuable gems of insight that left me smiling when I turned the final page.

“Him Standing” by Richard Wagamese. Orca Book Publishing. Paperback. 129 pages. ISBN 1459801768