Girl Who Grew a GalaxyBy Laura Dokis

Ruby Bloom begins to amass a “galaxy” of planets when her grandfather gives her an unexpected gift. Her relationships with her mother and father and the experiences she encounters in life bring the galaxy to its full and almost debilitating potential. Her grandfather’s older sister Harriet recognizes Ruby’s internal struggles and uses her traditional way of life and teachings to help her gain the awareness that she needs.

As new planets are born into Ruby’s “galaxy” — abandonment, greed, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, anxiety, etc. — you can’t help but want to reach into the story to provide her with comfort and relief from her emotional problems.

As Ruby travels through her life with the burden of her “galaxy”, it reminded me that being kind to people, even those who confound us, can be made easier if we pause to see the “planets” they may be carrying with them. Ruby ultimately chooses to overcome the limitations of her “galaxy” and finds her way home.

This book is unique, creative and imaginative and I plan to read it again.

The Girl Who Grew a Galaxy”by Cherie Dimaline. Theytus Books. Paperback. 351 pages. ISBN 978-1-926886-31-2. New Release: June 2013.