Chief Chris Plain with Aamjiwnaang's new Eagle Staff, Elder Ted White Sr. and former Chief Phillip Maness holds the retired Eagle Staff.

Chief Chris Plain with Aamjiwnaang’s new Eagle Staff, Elder Ted White Sr. and former Chief Phillip Maness holds the retired Eagle Staff.

AAMJIWNAANG FIRST NATION – In the first year of this millennium there was a changing of the name from Chippewas of Sarnia back to the original name ” Aamjiwnaang”.   With a name change came a new  Eagle Staff which represents the community at various functions and gatherings.

Elder and past Chief Ray Rogers cared for the community as well as the Eagle Staff since the passing of Elder Rogers these duties have been passed on to Elder and Councillor Ted White Sr.

Ted White Sr. told the 52 community members who were in attendance of the induction of the new Staff had these words to share.

“I have been working with other Elders in the community and abroad to bring together the materials and feathers to create the new Eagle Staff for created for the Elders Youth and members yet unborn to the Aamjiwnaang Nation,” said White Sr.

The former Eagle Staff  will be retired and kept in a safe place within the Nation and the new Eagle staff will travel with the Chief and or Elders of the Community to functions as required.

Darren Henry another Aamjiwnang Band Councillor with Aamjiwnaang told the members and the Staff he was was thankful that the new staff and old staff were here today.

“I am here today because of my connection to the Staff, I am not sure if I am a part of the Eagle staff or It was a part of me, we have travelled to many functions and walks together throughout Aamjiwnaang Territory,” said Henry.

The Aamjiwnnag Ceremony was organized by Elder White who brought in an Elder from a local neighbouring Community of Bkejwanong Eric Issac to conduct the Ceremony and Feast for the new representative of the Aamjiwnaang Nation. The Issac explained the meaning of the Eagle Staff to the community and why we must Feast and explain the meaning of the Staff.

“The young ones here today should remember this day, and other teachings the Elders have for you as in the future you too will be elders and need to keep our Culture and traditions alive.” said Issac.

Community members  enjoyed a community potluck to welcome the Staff as a representative of Aamjiwnaang .