Aamjiwnaang First Nations 36th Children's Pow-wow.  Inset:  Pauline Williams and Sophie (Williams) Solares.

Aamjiwnaang First Nations 36th Children’s Pow-wow. Inset:Elder Pauline Williams and Sophie (Williams) Solares, culture and heritage educator.

By Greg Plain

AAMJIWNAANG – Children who attend the Aamjiwnaang Binoojiinyag Kino Maagewgamgoons (Daycare Centre)  and community members celebrated their culture at the 36th Annual Children’s Mini Pow-wow.

Muriel Joseph, the supervisor of the daycare, welcomed the community members and parents to the celebration. There were people from neighbouring Bkejwanang Daycare centre as well as the Daycare centres in the Sarnia area.

With 325 people in attendance it was held up as a great success.

Pauline Williams gave the Opening prayer to pray for not only the children but all of the visitors to the Aamjiwnaang Territory.

Williams told the group “We are honoured to be able to come together as a community and dance with the Children, I prayed for their safety and happiness while attending the celebration.”

With approximately 30 children in regalia all of the different dance styles of the Anishinabe were represented. The Head male and female dancers were Darius Sinopole and Biidaaske Nahdee. The host drum was a group called Crazy Spirit (local community drummers).

Sophie (Williams) Solares is the centres Culture and Language Educator and assisted in bringing the Pow-wow together for the celebration.

“The Children of Aamjiwnaang and the community have a great deal of pride instilled in the culture and heritage of the Anishinabe, and we are showing this to our visitors today,” said Solares.  “The teaching staff is very caring, and insure the culture and heritage of our people are passed on to our children here at Aamjiwnaang Binoojiinyag Kino Maagewgamgoons.”