Cheryl Recollet

Cheryl Recollet, founding president of the Aboriginal Leadership Environmental Circle.

The Aboriginal Environmental Leadership Circle (AELC) formed in 2014 and is a non- profit organization dedicated to showcasing First Nation environmental management practices. AELC was developed based on the needs expressed by Aboriginal communities and includes environmental leadership and design individuals among its membership. AELC was developed with the support of the Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association (CAMA).

Cheryl Recollet MSc. EP, Director of the Sustainable Development Department at Wahnapitae First Nation is the founding president of the Aboriginal Leadership Environmental Circle. She emphasizes:

“We are all learning how best to leverage these relationships to assist in the development of meaningful environmental capacity for all of our communities. Communities and partners are learning how to grow and benefit from the resource sector, while attempting to eliminate or minimize potential negative social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts of projects. The AELC will promote and encourage the sharing of experiences so that all communities have the opportunity to actively develop and participate in effective environmental management initiatives.”

AELC is a forum for technicians, community leadership, youth, elders, and industry partners to generate and contribute to meaningful dialogue surrounding environmental management. Aboriginal communities, resource industries, government and environmental practitioners continue to network, learn from each other and continue to develop mutually beneficial relationships and share best practices on environmental sustainability. This Circle organizes, coordinates, and facilitates local, regional and annual national environmental discussions to promote and foster environmental sustainability.

The AELC mandate is: “Advocating active participation in environmental management, driven by Aboriginal communities and professionals, in order t0promote, enhance and foster pro-active environmental solutions.”

There are many benefits to joining AELC. These include:

  • Access to shared environmental experiences and solutions;
  • AELC customized training regimes.
  • Youth environmental opportunities.
  • Opportunities to develop relationships, networks and affiliations with representatives from the environmental field and Aboriginal communities;
  • Supporting the growth and development of Canada’s leading Aboriginal Environmental Circle;
  • Discounts on AELC publications, including conference publications.
  • Discount registration rates for AELC sponsored events and workshops.
  • Participation in AELC research.

We encourage you all to join AELC and promote environmental management in all our communities. If you wish to learn more about the Circle, please contact us at:

395 Loonway Road

Wahnapitae First Nation,

Capreol, Ontario P0M 1H0