Eli Baxter.

Eli Baxter.

Anishinaabay In- na-goh-ni-gay-win chi Ti-bayn-da-mung Anishinaabay Ki-kayn-daa-so-win

Indian Control of Indian Education

Ki-ta a-gin-daan sha Mi-sko Man-zi-nay-i-gun. An-dum Anishinaabayg gee-o-zhi-bee-i-gay-wug, kee-na-quay-o-zhi-bee-i-gay-wug chi-ween-da-maa-gay-waach a-neen ka-in-nayn-dum-mo-waach O-gi-maa Shaa-gun-na-shee kaa-gee-o-zhi-bee-yung Waa-ba Man-zi-nay-i-gun.

Waa-ba Man-zi-nay-i-gun pa-gaan i-shi-ni-kaa-zo-win kee-ki-kayn-ji-kaa-tay. Ko-yuk
In-naa-ti-zi-win kay-ween gee-i-zhi-ni-kaa-tay. O-maa man-zi-nay-i-gun-ning kee o-zhi-bee-gaa-tay Anishinaabayg chi quay-kee-waach, chi an-ji-bun-no-waach, chi Shaa-gun-naa-shee-waach, chi Shaa-gun-naa-shee-mo-wich ay-ta.

Ween-gay Anishinaabayg gee-zay-gi-zi-wug o-way chi i-zhi-way-bung. An-dum Anishinaabayg gee-o-zhi-bee-i-gay-wug, kee-i-zhi-ni-kaa-tay Misko Man-zi-nay-i-gun. Gee-i-kit-to-wug ka-ween neen-a-wind wee-ka ka-Shaa-gun-naa-shee-min.
Ka-ween neen-na-wind wee-ka ka-in-naan-da-zee-min chi Shas-gun-naa-she-mo-yung ay-ta. Anishinaabayg ka-gee-zhi-gung gee-neem-ba-wi-wug, gee-i-kit-to-wug,
“Ka-ween ni-an-da-wayn-di-zee-mn.”
“Ni Anishinaabaymin.”

O-way ki-chi Anishinaabay an-ji-say-win gee-i-shi-say. Anishinaabayg gee-o-zhi-bee-gay-wug ki-kayn-ji-gay-win man-zi-nay-i-gun. “Anishinaabay In-na-goh-ni-gay-win chi Tay-bayn-da-mung Anishinaabay Ki-kayn-daa-so-win” gee-i-zhin-ni-kaa-tay.
Kee-i-kit-to-maa-gun Anishinaabayg chi ka-ki-no-maa-gay-waach ka-ki-na Anishinaabay ki-kayn-da-so-win; chi a-ba-chi-chi-kaa-tayg Anishinaabaymowin ay-ka-ki-no-maa-gay-waach ka-ki-na ka-ki-no-maa-go-zi-win.

Anishinaabay ki-kayn-chi-gay-win, Anishinaabaymowin, a-ee-sub-bi-go ka-ki-na-gay-goon Anishinaabay chi a-tayg. Kee i-kit-to-wug ka-ki-na gay-goon chi to-chi-kaa-tayg Anishinaabay way-bi-ni-gun-ning.Anishinaabayg chi naa-ga-chi-to-waach
o-way to-chi-gay-win. A-mee-way tush Anishinaabayg way-bi-ni-gun-nun chi mino-say-waach. Anishinaabay ka-ki-no-maa-tee-wi-gamig-oon chi a-tay-gin minzi-way Anishinaabay a-keeng. A-no-kee-win chi a-tayg Anishinaabayg kaa-zi-taa-waach.

Gee-maa-gun-ni-wug Shaa-gun-na-shee o-gi-maa-kaan-sayns-sug chi-a-gin-ji-gay-waach Anishinaabay man-zi-nay-i-gun. O-gee-o-taa-pin-naan-na-waa.
O-gee an-chi-toon-na-waa. Shaa-gun-na-shee o-tay-naang ta-a-tay-won o-way Anishinaabay ki-kayn-daa-so-win-nun gee-i-kit-to-wug. Shaa-gun-na-shee ki-chi
ki-kayn-daa-so-wigamig-ong ta-a-tay-won o-way-ni-won Anishinaabay ka-ki-no-maa-gay-win-nun kee-in-naa-goh-ni-gay-naan-ni-won. A-mee-way tush Anishinaabayg a-wee ki-kayn-dum-mo-waach Anishinaabay ki-kayn-daa-so-win-nun ta maa-chee-go-zi kaa-zi-taach way-bi-ni-gun-ning. Ta-an-ji-go-zi ka-zi-a-tayg ki-chi ki-kayn-daa-so-wi-gamig-ong way-ti ka-zi-pat-ta-ki-tayg Shaa-gun-na-shee o-tay-naang. O-zhoo-ni-yaa-mun ta-wee-chee-say Shaa-gun-na-shee o-tay-naang.

Anishinaabayg pi-an-gi-go-zi-wag o-tay-naang. Ka-ween gay-goon a-tay-zi-noon way-bi-gun-ning, ka-ween gay-goon a-no-kee-win.Way-bi-ni-gaa-tay-nah Anishinaabay bi-maa-ti-zi-win?

Meen-na-waa a-pee.

Eli Baxter
Anishinaabay Inini
Indian Control of Indian Education

You should read the Red Paper. Some Anishinaabayg wrote back to say what they thought about the Prime Minister’s writings on the White Paper.

The White Paper was also named and known using a different name. It was also known as the Just Society. In this paper it was written that the Anishinaabayg would become different, to change, to become Canadians, to only speak English only.

It was very scary for the Anishinaabayg that is would happen. Some Anishinaabayg wrote a paper called the Red Paper. They said that we would never become Canadians, that we would never think of becoming to speak English only. Anishinaabayg that day stood up, they said, “We don’t want that!” “We are Anishinaabayg!”

There was a great Anishinaabay change that happened. Anishinaabayg wrote a research paper. It was called, “Indian Control of Indian Education.” It said that the Anishinaabayg would teach all of the Anishinaabay knowledge, the Anishinaabay language to be used in teaching all of the knowledge.

Anishinaabay knowledge, Anishinaabay language and might as well put everything that is Anishinaabay. They said that to do everything in the Anishinaabay reserves. Anishinaabayg would oversee this event. So that Anishinaabayg reserves will do better. Anishinaabay colleges and universities will be on every Anishinaabay land. There will be work on where the Anishinaabayg live.

The Canadian government people were given the Anishinaabay paper to read. They took it. They changed it. The Canadian cities and towns will have the Anishinaabay knowledge they said. It was enacted that the Anishinaabay teachings will be located on Canadian colleges and universities. So Anishinaabayg that want to learn Anishinaabay teachings he/she will need to move away from the reserve where
he/she lived. He/She will move to where the college and university are located in the Canadian cities. His/Her money will help the Canadian city.

The Anishinaabayg are moving to the cities. There is nothing in the reserves; there is no work. Is the Anishinaabay way of life being thrown away?


Eli Baxter
Anishinaabay Inini