Author Eli Baxter.

Author Eli Baxter.

An-da-wayn-ji-gay-win Bi-maa-ti-si-win.

Hunting Life.

Mee-gway-ch di-kit ni-ta-way-maa-gun-nug, ta-wish o-maa kaa-noh-ji-ji-gay-waach

Anishinaabay A-kee-kaang, kaa-gee-maa-chaa-waach way-ti Ma-ni-to A-kee-kaang,

ay-gee-wee-chee-gay-waach kay-neen chi noo-chi-too-yaan an-da-wayn-ji-gay-win


O-way an-dum to-ji-gay-win-nun kaa-gee-pih-too-ta-maan.

Nin-gee-an-da-wayn-ji-gay-min chi bi-maa-ti-si-naang.

Nin-gee-ay-mi-chi-gay-min ish-poh o-taa-pih-na-maang a-wi-yaa-sheesh bi-maa-ti-si-win.

Nin-gee-ay-mi-chi-gay-min ish-poh o-taa-pih-na-maang pah-ta-gi-chee-gun bi-maa-ti-si-win.

Nin-gee-ay-mi-chi-gay-min mee-gway-ch ay-gee-mee-ni-shi-yaang bi-maa-ti-si-win, chi wee-si-ni-yaang, chi ma-sh-ka-kee-way-yaang.


Monz ay-kee-ni-saa-gun-ni-wich, ween-gay ka-ki-na gee-mi-non-ji-gay-wug.

Monz o-gonsh ween-gay kee-mi-no-poh-gon.

Monz paa-say-gun kee-a-tay been-dig o-kan-naang.

O-day-nan-iw gee-on-zi-gaa-tay.

Ka-ki-na-sa-bi-goh monz wi-yaas kee-a-bi-ji-ji-gaa-taa.


I-kway-wug kee-nee-gan o-gee-nayn-daa-na-waa monz o-wi-yaan.

Monz-wan kee-pash-koh-ta-way zi-gay-naan-ni-won, kee-maa-toh-gun-ni-wi, kee-kee-zhi-naa-gun-ni-wi, kee-ween-dip-pih-kaa-zo, kee-at-ji-kaa-tay monz-wan ish-ko-tay om-baa-ba-tay-win a-ee-tush kee-kee-zhi-naa-gun-ni-wi chi a-yaa-yun pi-chi-ko-nay-win-nun.

Monz-wan ween-gay kee-mi-no-maa-gon.

Nin-gee mi-no-wayn-daa-min a-way-nayn ay-tay-bin-naach monz-on.


Ko-ta-gi-yug a-wi-yaa-shee-shug kay-gee pih-no-ji-yung; a-mik-oog, at-tick-oog,

wa-shash-koog, nin-gig-oog, ma-koog, waa-bi-shay-shug, zhing-os-ug, zhi-gaag-oog, kaa-koog, waa-bo-zoog.

Ni-ma-chayn-daan ay-won-nee-kay-yaan koh-ta-gi-yuk a-wi-yaa-shee-shug kaa-gee-pin-noh-chee-yaang.


Ka-ween nin-ga-ween-da-maa-gay-zee Anishinaabay ma-sh-ka-ki kaa-gee-a-ba-chi-to-yung.

Maa-gi-zoh ka-pih-ji-boon-nin.

Maa-gi-zoh ka-boo-taa-chee-zay.

Maa-gi-zoh ka-ningi-zay.


Anishinaabayg ka-ween gee-an-da-wayn-ji-gay-zee-wug kon-da-bi-goh.

An-da-wayn-ji-gay-win kee-ki-chi-in-nayn-daa-gohn.

A-way-nayn o-bi-maa-ti-si-win kaa-o-taa-pih-naan.

Keen-dush chi-bi-maa-ti-si-yun.

A-wi-yaa-sheesh o-bi-maa-ti-si-win gee-meen-ni-goh-min.

Nin-gee ay-mi-chi-gay-min mee-gway-ch.

Ta-wish Anishinaabayg too-ta-mo-wug.


Kaa-a-mun-ji-yaag a-wi-yaa-shee-shug ka-ween koo-yuk too-ji-kaa-tayg an-da-wayn-ji-gay-win.

Way-way-ni koo-yuk in-nayn-ji-gay-win-nun kee-a-tay-won ish-poh a-way-nayn kaa-an-da-wayn-ji-gaych.

Mi-no-ay-mi-chi-gay-win-nun kee-i-kit-toh-naan-ni-won.

Kee-too-ji-kaa-tay a-mee-way chi a-yaa-yung mi-no-bi-maa-ti-si-win.






Eli Baxter

Anishinaabay Inini


An-da-wayn-ji-gay-win Bi-maa-ti-si-win.


Hunting Life.

Thank you I say to all my relations, to the ones who are still here doing things in the Anishinaabay Land, the ones who left to the Spirit World, for their help so that I could be a part of the hunting life.

Here are some events that I have done.

We hunted so that we could live.

We prayed before we took the life of an animal.

We prayed before we took the life of a plant.

We prayed thanks for giving their lives so that we could eat and so that we could medicate ourselves.


When a moose was killed, everyone really had a good meal.

Moose nose tasted really good.

Moose marrow was present inside its bone.

The tongue was boiled.

All of the moose meat was used.


The women, their first thought was about the moose hide.

The moose hide was cleaned by taking off the hair, it was scraped, it was pulled to make it soft, moose brain was put on, the moose hide was placed over a smoky fire and it was pulled for us to have clothes.

The moose hide really smelt nice.

We were happy when ever anyone got a moose.


The other animals that we used were: the beaver, the caribou, the muskrat, the otter, the bear, the marten, the mink, the skunks, the porcupine, the rabbits.

I am sad that I forgot the other animals that we used.


I will not tell about the Anishinaabay medicines that we used.

Maybe I might poison you.

Maybe you might bloat up.

Maybe you might disappear.


Anishinaabayg did not hunt for the fun of it.

Huntiing was a big event.

Someone’s life was going to be taken,

so that you can live.

An animal gave its life to us.

We prayed thank you.

Anishinaabayg still do this.


You will bring bad luck to your self when the animals are not hunted properly.

In a good manner correct thoughts were present before a hunt.

Good prayers were said.

This was done so that we will have a good life.

That is all for now.

See you.

Eli Baxter

Anishinaabay Inini