Deputy Grand Council Chief Glen Hare at the Sault Ste. Marie education vote information session on Sept. 6.

Deputy Grand Council Chief Glen Hare at the Sault Ste. Marie education vote information session on Sept. 6.

Summer 2016 – Political Update

The Political Office is back on track with the monthly updates.  This bulletin will briefly highlight the myriad of activities that both Deputy Grand Chief and I have been involved with over the summer months as well as touch on a few upcoming events.

First though, I must say Chi’Miigwech to Gary Dokis, for his dedication as political advisor to my role as Grand Council Chief of the Anishinabek Nation.  The Union of Ontario Indians welcomes Gary who now functions as the Chief Operating Officer of the secretariat. The incredibly committed and hard-working staff at all three satellite offices and the main office situated at Nipissing First Nation are certain to enjoy working with Gary again.  Miigwech as well to Richard Powless, hired on an interim basis as political advisor from May to July – I appreciate the time and effort you directed my way.    Effective August 2nd, Valerie Monague, from Beausoleil First Nation is now in this role – she brings a fresh perspective and we are confident that the learning curve will be swift.

As you all are aware, the most significant advancement we are involved with at this time is working towards the positive ratification of the Anishinabek Nation Education Agreement (AES) scheduled for late November.  Over twenty years of often contentious negotiation with Canada has finally come to a conclusion – many communities have long developed their constitutions, an important milestone that is a companion document to the AES, while others are now earnestly working to finalize it so they can be ready to process their vote. Throughout the next couple of months we will see an information blitz on the AES and what if will mean to us as we propose to shift away from the Indian Act in education to our own system.

The nature and scope of this agreement will foster a responsibility we have long advocated for; controlling, creating and adapting the systems and processes that influence our children’s educational experience now and well into the future.  I have no doubt that the past twenty years of this journey will mark a turning point where we will see success in achieving the very foundation of identity, culture and language balanced  with a strong academic foundation will strengthen and promote pride for our children, our families, our communities and our Nation.

At our Grand Council 2016 we welcomed Rama First Nation who returned to the Union of Ontario Indians and strengthened their presence within the Anishinabek Nation.  Resolutions discussed and ratified at Grand Council will form the basis of the strategic direction for the next two years.  As I have stated many times we have to get beyond the “hurry up and wait” mindset and shift our effort and energies towards implementation, and “just do it”. I welcome you to join me as we solidify a plan to move into tangible authorities, relationships and developments that will align with our Ngo Dwe Waangizid Anishinabe, Anishinabek Chi’Naaknigewin, Dodoma, and E’Debendaagzuig. There is much work to do and as always, I welcome your help and support.

In August, we celebrated the achievements of seventeen remarkable citizens of the Anishinabek Nation who were nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award in community development, health, education, language and culture and leadership.  The Anishinabek Nation Seven Generations Charity did an excellent job again this year hosting this event.  Those citizens of our communities who received this recognition have accomplished and are achieving remarkable progress towards the united growth of our nation.

I just returned from a Northern Superior Chiefs hosted by Chief Collins and Fort William First Nation.  I look forward to the other regional meetings in the coming weeks – there is never any dull moments and I commend all the leadership within our communities for the exemplary work you are doing overcoming many challenges and barriers, and keeping your sights on a positive resolve.  Optimism and hope are the drivers.

GCC Madahbee & DGCC Hare Activities
May 2016 June 2016 July 2016 August 2016
– CCoHealth Ottawa

– Education Forum– Tor.

– Ministry CYS Leadership Table

– Niagara College Convoc

– Pic Mobert

– Political Confederacy

– Provincial Indigenous Health Lead Network

– Chiefs Committee on Governance

– Garden River Cmty Mtg/AES

– Noojmowin Teg Mtg

– AES Ratification Session

– Chiefs Council on Economy

– Anishinabek Nation/MNDM -Leadership Forum

– Anishinabek 7th Generation



– Housing

– First Nation Schools session – SSM


– INAC/RDG – water


– NIHB Joint Review Steering Committee

– Noojmowin Teg Phase II Grand Opening

– Anishinabek Nation Grand Council AOK

– Education Agmt.  Ratification review

– O/CCoH

– Cancer Care Ontario Project/Media release – Toronto

– MIRR DM Richardson – Anishinabek Nation Priorities

– AN7GC Veterans Memorial Golf

– North Bay NFC

– Rez 91 Radio Interview

– Unveiling of Francis Pegahmagabow Monument – Parry Sound

– Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre

– Chippewas of Rama – Regional Mtg

– Niagara College, Convocation Speech – received Honorary Diploma in Cmty Studies

– AEI Graduation – Muncey Campus

– Pic Mobert Constitution Community Picnic


– Child Well-Being Working Group – Mississauga #58

– UOI/MAA Leadership -Bilateral

– Min Bennett, M’Chigeeng, Whitefish River and Serpent River

– First Nations Information Governance Centre – AGM


– AFN Chiefs Cmtte.  on Health Mtgs

– Min Hoskins – Health – Toronto

– AFN Chiefs Cmtte on Health & National FN Nations Health Technician (NFNHTN) Joint Meeting

– Thessalon – Land Claims Mtg

– Rocky Bay, Red Rock, Plays Plat – community visits

– Pic Mobert,  Opening Ceremony Gitchi Animki Hydroelectric Project

– Mtg with NSRC Peltier and Rocky Bay Chief Hardy

– Memorial Service Elder Wilmer Noganosh



– Video Confer Interview Cancer Care Ontario Board – Noojmowin Teg

– Vacation

– Premier Wynn visit to UOI

– D/Min Fulford Ont Job Connect & NSTC/Niigaaniin

– North American Indigenous Games

– 60s Scoop Rally

– Rez 91 radio interview/AES

– Anishinabek Nation Evening of Excellence

– Great Lakes Guardian Council

– UOI Staff Days –GCC Awards

– Rainbow Lodge 40th Anniversary

– O/FN Steering Cmtte. on Housing

– Political Confederacy



Community visits for events, community celebrations, attending Pow Wows as invited, visiting with Elders along the route, welcoming newly elected Chiefs – these are all critically important “on-the-ground” relationships that are always a priority in strengthening our Nation and it provides a great community venue to champion the AES.
Community visits Pow wows
GCC 15 8
DGCC 34 7