Swearing-In Ceremony in August 2016. Back row: Councillors Rachel Manitowabi, Lorraine Fox, Cecilia Pitawanakwat, Margaret Manitowabi, Maureen Trudeau, Gladys Wakegijig, Bernadine Francis, and Syliva Recollet. Front Row: Councillors Lawrence Enosse, Tim Ominika, Ogimaa Duke Peltier, Dominic Beaudry, and John Dube.

WIKWEMIKONG, MANITOULIN ISLAND (October 18, 2016) – October was chosen to coincide with the celebration of the anniversary on October 18 of the decision of the court case Edwards v. Canada.  The Edwards case is commonly known as the Persons Case, as it was established that Canadian women were eligible to be appointed senators and in general had the same rights as Canadian men with respect to positions of political power.

Canada proclaimed October as Women’s History Month in 1992 where its purpose is to give Canadians “an opportunity to learn about the important contributions of women and girls to our society – and to the quality of our lives today”.

In a statement today, Ogimaa Duke Peltier, Wiikwemkoong Unceded, remarked that “Today, I would like to acknowledge the importance of Women’s History Month and give special recognition to the women of Wiikwemkoong.  We are really proud of the fact that our community voted in eight very strong women to our Council of thirteen this past August and that the majority of management positions on our staff serving the community are women.  The people of our community know the importance of women in these types of leadership roles, as women have always upheld the cultural values of our community and nation that keep us strong and on track as Anishinaabek.  We have always valued their traditional roles as the core of our families and our nation.”