New Esso/Tim Horton’s located in Magnetawan First Nation on Highway 69.

Customers line up for coffee at the new Tim Horton’s/Esso location in Magnetawan First Nation.

MAGNETAWAN FIRST NATION – Magnetawan Chief and  Council are proud to announce the opening of their new Esso and Tim Horton’s economic development venture opened on Feb. 6.  The new business is located on the busy Highway 69 corridor on the southwest corner of Highways 69and 529 between Sudbury and Parry Sound. A grand opening is scheduled for Feb 24 at 12:30 pm.

Chief William Diabo is proud of the community venture.

“I am now at the later stage of my third term as Chief of Magnetawan Anishinabek Nation and I certainly wanted to ‘leave a mark’ on this great community and we could not have accomplished this without the hard work from Council, staff and the support from our citizens,” says Chief Diabo.

Economic Development Officer for Magnetawan Anishinabek Nation, Adam Pawis says he is hoping to see all of the regular customers from other municipalities to come to the Esso/Tim Horton’s.

“‘Make it so!’ was Chief Diabo’s direction to staff, which put me in one situation only and that was to make these deals happen and ‘make it so!’,” says Pawis.  “Chief Diabo would not take no for an answer.”

Magnetawan  is a signatory of the Framework Agreement on First Nation Lands, and ratified its own Land Code June 21, 2015 and became operational September 1, 2015. This legislation assisted in creating an exciting economic development business that will provide own source revenue, along with providing employment for our citizens and citizens of our local municipalities for many years to come.

Approximately three years ago, Chief William Diabo, in his prior term in office, started looking at the profitability of our existing gas station and store. He had staff thoroughly look at the numbers and potential for future sales with a brand-new building, larger capacity and a top selling coffee chain. He made this project his passion and reached for the stars, in order to maximize the potential profitability of any new business venture at the previous location.

There were many challenges that had to be dealt with prior to negotiating with a brand name fuel supplier (ESSO) and a successful selling coffee/restaurant (Tim Horton’s). There were challenges such as lot size, building design, fuel tank storage, access from snowmobile trail, drive thru requirements, three phase power, old building demolition, staffing etc.

All challenges were dealt with one at a time and then it was full steam ahead to consult with, then negotiate fuel supply agreements with ESSO and supply and franchise agreements with Tim Horton’s. Chief Diabo, working closely with staff, was directly involved with all aspects of the project from beginning to the Grand Opening and should be applauded for his unrelenting effort to guide this journey to establish a new gas station and store.

Magnetawan Anishinabek Nation appreciates the support received from all of our valued customers over the past 20 years. We look forward to their continued patronage and to attracting and servicing new customers and acquiring new friends from the travelers of Highway 69/400 that pass through our Nation.

Here at Magnetawan Anishinabek Nation, we have been privileged to have such a great indigenous client base, that it gives citizens an opportunity to see old friends and family. We look forward to seeing everybody on February 24th at 12:30.


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