Quattro Sales Manager Mona MacKnight and General Manager Mike Braykovich present AN7GC Manager Jason Restoule with a donation cheque through the Hotel Discount Program.

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON—On March 14, Jason Restoule, Manager of the Anishinabek Nation 7th Generation Charity (AN7GC) visited Quattro Hotel & Conference Centre in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, to discuss and sign an extension to the current 2-year partnership agreement the two organizations have.

In 2017, the partnership with Quattro resulted in $18,558.30 being donated to the AN7GC.

“I’m very proud of the partnership we have with Quattro, a key partner in our Hotel Discount Program,” stated Restoule. “When we discuss the partnership, it’s not all about money, it’s about the Anishinaabe culture, it’s about respect for our people and our traditions, and ultimately it’s about improving the quality of life of Anishinabek Nation citizens, which happens to be the mission of the AN7GC.”

Quattro Hotel & Conference Centre prides itself on providing First Nation guests with exceptional hospitality while truly respecting their culturally specific traditions.

“It’s more than the product and service we provide; it’s about really understanding and respecting the culture and the traditions,” says Mike Braykovich, General Manager at Quattro. “Our staff have dedicated their time to not only learn about First Nation traditions, such as smudging, but to understand the purpose and why it is done. It’s more than providing a quality product and great service, it’s also about caring for and respecting our guests.”

The AN7GC is fortunate to have great partnerships with several hotels across Ontario that comprise its Hotel Discount Program.  The program is simple; partner hotels provide a special rate and in return for the business they receive, they support the AN7GC by way of sponsorship or donating a portion of the sales.

“This is a great opportunity to show everyone how much of a positive impact they can have when travelling leisurely or when choosing where to hold a business meeting or conference,” says Restoule. “And it doesn’t cost anyone anything extra.”

Each year, the AN7GC receives numerous requests for support. Unfortunately, being a small self-reliant charity with limited available funds, grant disbursements are also limited. Over the past few years, the charity has made several changes that have resulted in a more efficient operation allowing for more funds to be available to disburse through their Grant Program. Enhanced partnerships like the one the AN7GC has with Quattro Hotel & Conference Centre not only shows the commitment of the hotel to the charity and the First Nation communities, but also provide the much needed monies, which in turn, results in making a big impact on our Anishinabek citizen’s lives.

So, whether travelling for leisure or on business, save some money and support the AN7GC at the same time by booking at one of their partner hotels. It’s a simple decision that has a big impact in someone’s life.

Details of the Hotel Discount Program and a complete list of participating hotels, along with other ways to contribute to the charity can be found on the AN7GC’s website.