Water Walker Josephine Mandamin,

Starting on April 20, Grandmother Josephine Mandamin is once again walking for the water. She will start the journey at Spirit Mountain, Duluth MN, and heading east along the shores of Lake Superior, Josephine will walk from sunrise to sunset. She will carry water in a copper pail the entire journey.

Mandamin first began walking for water to raise awareness of the pollution and poisoning of our water in 2003. Since then she has walked around the Great Lakes, and to-date has walked over 25,000 km. Many people have joined in her efforts to protect the water.

The For the Earth and Water 2017 walk will take place along the Great Lakes to Matane, Quebec, joining the water of the St. Lawrence Seaway covers 2285 km, and is expected to take approximately 4 to 5 months.

You can follow Grandmother Josephine Mandamin’s walk on the Facebook page:
“For the Earth and Water Walk 2017” (@FortheEarthandWaterWalk2017FromWesttoEast)



For more information, please contact:

Jolene Banning
Public Relations Coordinator
Phone: 807-577-1490 ∙ Cell: 807-632-1225
Email: jbanning@onwa.ca

Or Tasha Beeds
Email: earthwaterwalk2017@gmail.com