Fort William musician Preme plans to launch a new EP, My Reality the EP, in January with about five or six songs through local record label FLVR Records. Photo credit: ASCENSION.

By Rick Garrick

Fort William hip hop musician Preme (George Palosaari) is scheduled to open up a Canadian Wrestling’s Elite event featuring Jake the Snake Roberts on Jan. 13 in Thunder Bay.

“I do a song or two before the event starts to kind of get the crowd going and into it,” Preme says. “Then I usually perform a couple of songs during the intermission while the wrestlers are taking a break and everyone is grabbing their drinks and food.”

Preme appreciates the support he receives from the community. He has performed at more than 100 shows across Canada, including a 12-city Canadian tour.

“They just think that it’s good that I’m trying to follow my dreams,” Preme says. “It definitely does get hard and it’s not an easy road, but it’s good to have all the support from the community.”

Preme plans to put out a new album, My Reality the EP, with a collection of about five or six songs in January 2018. He was nominated for four CUT Hip-Hop Awards in 2016.

“My lead single off that is called Imagination,” Preme says, noting that Imagination was released in digital music stores on Dec. 15. “We’re releasing that first to kind of get a little buzz around about the EP.”

Preme also worked with a local singer, Chey, on another song  for the EP called Gonna Make It.

“She is an Aboriginal singer and really talented too,” Preme says. “It’s nice to work with other talented artists, especially singers. Bringing singers on kind of brings a different aspect to (the song), so it’s nice when I get that chance.”

Preme says it has been easier to work on his songs since he set up his own studio at home.

“I can just kind of hit the studio and put in as much work as I want now,” Preme says. “I don’t have to worry about someone else engineering and taking up a lot of their time.”

Preme also signed on with a local record label, FLVR Records, for a one EP deal.

“They are going to help me market and promote my music,” Preme says. “So it should free up a lot of my time to focus on the creative side of everything. They work with a lot of artists — one is from Florida and one is in New York and another is in Victoria, B.C. And there are two artists in Thunder Bay.”

Preme says it takes a “little bit of pre-planning” to upload his music onto the digital streaming platforms.

“This one is for a professional release, so I am going to be uploading this to stores like Spotify and Apple Music,” Preme says. “Once it is on there, I kind of hit social media to promote it as much as possible.”

Preme usually works on his own graphics to create the best quality album cover he can for his songs. He has also directed two music videos, one for another artist and one for his Rockstar EP, and plans to start shooting more videos of his songs.

“I have my own video camera now, so I’m going to start directing my own videos,” Preme says. “It’s a little bit easier and more cost efficient when you are trying to do as much as you can in-house.”

Preme launched his own business, Chief Supreme Entertainment, this past year and recently started up a website:, which features information on his music, videos and merchandise.