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Kina maamwigdoo-wiikendaasmin — ‘We Are All Learning Together’

By Kelly Anne Smith NORTH BAY—To start the cultural training session open to the public, Nipissing First Nation Chief thanked everyone for coming out on the brisk winter night. Chief Scott McLeod said that in Anishinaabemowin, “Truth means speaking from the heart. And that`s what George Couchie

Fort William youth canoe builders featured in Ontario Tourism documentary film

By Rick Garrick FORT WILLIAM FIRST NATION—The Fort William canoe builders who created an 18-foot birch bark canoe last summer are featured in The Canoe documentary film that is available online. “It was really cool because we got to do a bunch of scenes and camera shots,”

Crees in the Caribbean pulls emotional chords in captivated audience

By Rick Garrick THUNDER BAY—Drew Hayden Taylor enjoyed the opening performance of his Crees in the Caribbean play by Six Nations actor Gary Farmer and two others at Magnus Theatre in Thunder Bay. “I liked what he did with it — he had fun with the character

Aamjiwnaang First Nation Heritage and Culture group host special workshop tomorrow

By Colin Graf AAMJIWNAANG FIRST NATION—First Nations looking for reconciliation in Canada have to start by looking in an unexpected place….inward. That’s the idea being explored by E’maawizidijig, the Heritage and Culture group of Aamjiwnaang First Nation, located in Sarnia, at a special workshop this Saturday February

‘Significant architect of Canadian cinema and culture’ receives deafening standing ovation

By Barb Nahwegahbow TORONTO—When Alanis Obomsawin learned that she was receiving the Clyde Gilmour Technicolor Award from the Toronto Film Critics Association (TFCA), there was a feature of the award that made her very happy. She was able to pick a young filmmaker to receive $50,000 in

Mini-moccasin workshop passes on teachings, techniques, and knowledge

By Rick Garrick THUNDER BAY—Fort William’s Helen Pelletier recently shared her knowledge about making moccasins with about 50 youth at a Neechee Studio mini-moccasin workshop at Definitely Superior Art Gallery in Thunder Bay. “We’re making baby moccasins with the help of Audrey DeRoy,” Pelletier says. “We are

Indigenous artists dazzle in launch of Hard Rock Medical’s new season

By Kelly Anne Smith NORTH BAY—A call for celebration was answered with the Capitol Centre full of stars from the successful television series Hard Rock Medical during the season three launch party. Hard Rock Medical is loosely based on the Northern Ontario Medical School. The production offered

Former OPP officer pens book on Anishinaabe culture

By Kelly Anne Smith NORTH BAY – The author calls it a simple read offering his interpretations of Anishinaabe Culture. After years of working with Indigenous Youth, George Couchie’s book Raised on an Eagle Feather is a wise guide to life. Couchie wanted a reference manual when

Many artists at Chapman’s Gas Bar Christmas sale

By Rick Garrick THUNDER BAY - A Coast Salish wood carver from British Columbia was one of the vendors at this year’s Chapman’s Gas Bar Christmas Craft Sale in Fort William First Nation. “I’ve been at this for almost 40 years now,” says George Price, a carver

Thunder Bay hosted its 15th Annual Christmas Aboriginal Fine Arts and Crafts Gift Show

By Rick Garrick THUNDER BAY—A set of three porcupine quill medallions worth $2,500 was featured at the 15th Annual Christmas Aboriginal Fine Arts and Crafts Gift Show and Sale in Thunder Bay. “One of my cousins made it,” says Martina Osawamick, a vendor from Wikwemikong. “We actually

Prolific painter’s solo exhibition on display at the National Gallary

By Suzanne Keeptwo OTTAWA—Alex Janvier’s solo exhibition, spanning a lifetime of creativity, opened with fanfare at the National Gallery in Ottawa on November 24. There were customary speeches by the artistically and politically correct, including Indigenous Affairs Minister Caroline Bennett and Kirby Whiteduck (Pikwaganagan). But, it was

Chrétien’s Ojibway-designs eyeglass frames hit the market

By Rick Garrick NIPISSING FIRST NATION—Nipissing artist Donald Chrétien is looking forward to the Dec. 18 release of his Journey and Birch-design AYA Eyewear eyeglass frames. “There are a lot of people on hold waiting for them,” says Chrétien, who graduated from the Ontario College of Art

Standing Rock spiritual leader in Toronto

By Barb Nahwegahbow TORONTO—The 19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, headlined a fundraising event for Standing Rock in Toronto on November 28th. A capacity crowd filled the auditorium of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education on Bloor Street

Award-winning writer discusses Art of Reconciliation

By Rick Garrick THUNDER BAY—Curve Lake’s Drew Hayden Taylor says the term reconciliation is “a Rorschach name” during his Nov. 30 talk on The Art of Reconciliation at Confederation College. “It means different things to different people,” says Taylor, an award-winning playwright, author, columnist, filmmaker, and lecturer.

I Am Not a Number tells Granny’s Indian Residential School story

By Kelly Anne Smith NIPISSING FIRST NATION—Nipissing First Nation author sells out at book signing--again. An academic and now a best-selling author, Jenny Kay Dupuis signed books and greeted many community members during Nipissing First Nation’s annual meeting, Maawjidwin Nji-Wiidooktaadyang, at Nbisiing Secondary School in Duchesnay. Dupuis’s