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Over 500 Nations gather in Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – An estimated 3,000 Native American dancers and singers representing more than 500 tribes from Canada and the United States are expected to attend the annual Gathering of Nations Pow-Wow April 26-27. The Miss Indian World Talent Presentations starting Thursday evening, April 25  at  the

Watch! Listen! You might learn something!

By Basil Johnston, O.Ont., LLD, B.A. Before going to Toronto in 1955, I received all kinds of advice from elders which consisted mainly of "Watch, listen! You won't go wrong! Watch what the white people do! Listen to what they say! You don't want to act like

Dibaajmowin – April 2013

New Residential School educational resources available

As part of the “Honouring Our Children, Families and Communities affected by Indian Residential Schools” project, many resources were developed with funding from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. A narrative picture book called “Little Butterfly Girl:  An Indian Residential School Story” is available in English,

Rabbit and Bearpaws – April 2013

Poetry: A Song for Spring

  A Song For Spring   Drip drop, drip drop The dryness beneath me, the wetness atop. My umbrella shields me from the rain The drops sound like drums playing again and again. The buds and their colours start revealing The last of the white blanket is

Monument honours and educates

On the side of the Indian Residential School monument facing West are ten plaques which educate and honour Anishinabek children families and communities. The first plaque is a dedication to those who attended the Residential Schools.  An “Honouring, Healing and Education” plaque speaks to the legacy of

‘Gchi-nendama’: Beausoleil language instructors

By Sharon Weatherall BEAUSOLEIL FN – Roseanne Monague is one of seven Christian Island language-keepers who participated in a 160-hour immersion program to equip them to pass on Anishinaabemowin to young community members For 13 years she has been working at the First Nation's day care, teaching

Dancers can tell stories

By Rick Garrick TORONTO – The graceful kicking and twirling fancy shawl dance moves of Jennifer Meness highlighted the 35th annual Toronto Storytelling Festival. “It just felt great to dance with Gayle (Ross), the way she tells the butterfly (fancy shawl dance origin) story,” says the champion

Anishinaabe immersion

By Andrea Crawford SUDBURY -- The Ojibway Cultural Foundation’s yearly spring conference is the perfect place to come if you  want to understand what it’s like to think, feel and be Anishinaabe. Hundreds attended the fourth annual Anishinaabewin Niiwin gathering March 8-9 to immerse themselves in everything

Words cure any pain

By Albert Dumont OTTAWA -- Recently at the Singing Pebble bookstore I spoke about what it was that created the poetry I write. I shared childhood memories and talked about my life, how I used to feel my heart was so weighted down with confusion and guilt

Lots of miigwech’s to all contributors to Anishinaabemowin-Teg

By Martina Osawamick Aanii! Miishigo zhiseg wii-maawnjidiyiing! Anishinaabemowin-Teg enchiiyaang gmiigwechwi’aanaa Wikwemikoong bemaadzijig sa gii bi naadimaagewad maanda gii-mi wiikgchitooyaang zhoonyaa gii-mi "bingoyaang oodi 2012." Miigwech Gimaa! Gii-gooninwag Wikwemikong wii-naadimoowaad Gordie Odjig wii bi mzinaatesjiged miinwaa sa nongwaa 2013. Maanda sa zhoonyaa gaa shkitooyaang ndi-nkaasnan

Education: The new moose

By Monique DuBray NIPISSING FN --For years, Indigenous people had many reasons to hunt moose for other reasons than to provide food.The animal’s fur was used as clothing, the bones became tools and the skins provided strength for shelters. Nothing was left behind because everything, in life,

Artists and musicians gather at Nbisiing

By Monique DuBray NIPISSING FN – Dozens of local and visiting Anishinaabe artists gathered  Feb. 23 to put their talents on display in the auditorium of Nbisiing Secondary School. Librarian and organizer Glenna Beaucage was delighted with the first of what she hopes will be an annual