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Anishinaabay Inngohnigaywin

By Eli Baxter Anishinaabay Innagohnigaywin Indian Act Anishinaabay Innagohnigaywin kaween geeabachichigaatayzinoon. Anishinaabay Law was not used. Weenawa peewatayg ogeeozhitoonawaa. They, the visitors, are the ones who made it. Kaaween geenawind kikeeozitoozeemin. We did not make it. Weenawaa otibayndanawaa. They own it. Keenaween dush kiweendamagohmin aneen mayaam

Column: Brown water better than none at all

By Maurice Switzer Remember that scene from the movie “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” where all the goggled government guys wearing white hazmat (hazardous material) suits burst into the house looking for that cute little alien? That's what it felt like one recent morning when I looked out a

OPINION – CBC to Palmater: Say thank you

By Catherine Murton Stoehr Justice advocates face a dilemma when talking to the press. They can play nice and live to represent another day; a strategy chosen by powerful activists throughout history.  Or they can tell a truer story, and risk losing credibility. Last week Canada’s national

Opinion: Beating Up on Racism!

By Peter Globensky and Beverly Sabourin Despite his numerous failures both as a business man and now as the President of the Divided States of America, Donald Trump has had one remarkable success. Using his rants and rhetoric and his damaging addiction to Tweets, he has managed

OPINION: Ontario’s history of tampering and re-tampering with birth registration documents

By Lynn Gehl, Ph.D. When state officials interfere with the process of recording a child’s birth, through standard operational procedures of administration, policy, and legislation, ways that deny dignity to a mother and her child, this is more than unfortunate. In Ontario the Vital Statistics Act came

Open letter: Kawartha group disappointed with Monsef’s voting position on Bill S-3

August 28, 2017 From:    Kawartha Truth and Reconciliation Support Group                 www.kawarthatruthandreconciliation.ca Re:         Minister of Status of Women Maryam Monsef’s position on Bill S-3 An Act to Amend the Indian Act (elimination of sex-based inequities in registration) Members of the Kawartha Truth and Reconciliation Support Group (KTRSG),

Opinion: Escaping Despair – the tragedy of Indigenous youth suicide

By Peter Andre Globensky Out of sight, out of mind! Four more tragic suicides have struck in northern Ontario remote First Nations communities – the youngest one, but an 11-year old youth! The hand-wringing will begin again, all will lament this recurring tragedy, politicians will voice regrets

‘I am hopeful for Canada 200’ says Art Jacko on Canada’s next milestone birthday

Submitted by Art Jacko They say its Canada's 150 birthday this weekend. Below are two statements made by First Nation leaders, first at Canada 100 and second at Canada 150. On Canada's 100th birthday, Chief Dan George silenced a crowd of 32,000 with his 'Lament for Confederation'

OPINION – Canada 150: Coming Home

By Catherine Murton Stoehr Canada 150: Coming Home - previously published in Origins - Ohio State University One hundred and fifty years ago, this July 1, three British colonies stretching from the western edge of Lake Erie to Nova Scotia signed an agreement to confederate into the

Opinion: Do we need a First Nation language law for our communities?

By Fred Bellefeuille In the 1970’s, there was significant anxiety about the steady decline of the use of the French language in Quebec, especially in business where English had become the primary language of use.  So much so that in 1977, the Quebec Minister of Cultural Development

Opinion: how do we celebrate 150 years of Canada?

I couldn’t help but realize Canada will soon be turning 150 years old this year. But as a young Indigenous person, I can’t help but ask: how do we celebrate 150 years of Canada? I just want to share my opinion of the one aspect that wasn’t

How about celebrating Canada Day by paying overdue rent for Parliament buildings!

By Maurice Switzer Canada always likes to see feathers and buckskin at their parties. They regard Indians as excellent window-dressing. So for years, a familiar scene has played out every Canada Day on Parliament Hill. The prime minister says a few words – in English and French,

Keeping Indians out of pool halls a Canadian priority

By Maurice Switzer As to why Indigenous peoples won't be out in droves to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday party, it's amazing there isn't actually a provision in the Indian Act to prohibit such a thing. The legislation first enacted in 1876 was littered with bans on activities

Canada: ‘Conceived under the influence of alcohol!’

By Maurice Switzer My Anishinabek Nation flag that flutters in the prevailing west winds off Lake Nipissing needs to be replaced twice a year. A dark red banner bearing the image of a white Thunderbird gets whipped about pretty briskly, and it only takes a couple of

Opinion: We’ll pass on the Liberal Lollapalooza

By Maurice Switzer So, if you had a neighbour who kept stealing stuff from your yard, and constantly screamed obscenities at your kids, would you attend his birthday party if you got an invitation in your mailbox? How about if you had a neighbour who stole your