Healthy living about balance, not just food

By Sarah Blackwell There is more to leading a healthy life than just the food you eat. Myself, partner Fred Bellefeuille, and our three children have been changing the way we eat and live for the past two years. “After I had my heart attack in January,

Healthy eating in a box

NORTH BAY – A food buying club has been started up at the North Bay Indian Friendship Centre. Executive Director Nancy Potvin was instrumental in getting this program running. Once a month staff and volunteers pack Good Food Boxes with fresh vegetables and fruit. Any Friendship Centre

Healthy Recipe: Cashew Kale Salad Dressing

By Sarah Blackwell Ingredients: ¼ cup of soaked raw cashews 1 tsp coconut aminos 1 garlic clove (optional) ½ fresh lemon squeezed 2 celery stalks with leaves 1 kale stalk Water as needed Directions: Soak raw cashews in cold water for a minimum of 20 minutes Drain

Indigenous health project using old ideas

By Christine Smith (McFarlane) TORONTO – When Dr. Janet Smylie talks about doing things in a new way, she really means in an old way The Metis family physician and research scientist says the premise behind the Well Living House in downtown Toronto is “an old idea,

Treaties and health care go hand-in-hand

SERPENT RIVER FN (May 17, 2013) – For many years, the treaty annuity payment and the Serpent River First Nation Annual Health Fair have been held on the same day. "Having the two events combined serves as a reminder that the Crown has a legal responsibility for

COO provides health benefits guide

TORONTO – The Chiefs of Ontario have produced guides for First Nation members with status to learn about the health benefits they have access to under Canada’s Non-Insured Health Benefits program (NIHB).  A  large book, condensed version, and pocket guide are available  to download at

Let’s talk mental health

By Holly Brodhagen Recently I was asked my opinion about the Bell “Let’s Talk” day. My answer? A resounding, "wonderful". Anything that supports the chance to share and educate about mental illness is a wonderful thing. It opens up dialogue and without many people knowing it they