Canada Day 2013

Exam stress? Think cotton candy!

By Eden Beaudin This is the time of year, when most students are probably ecstatic or are stressing over that last assignment that is due, an exam or test. Look at the bright side of things, after you ace that test, what a summer it will be! 

Cartoon – Harper’s inbox is full

Harper uses cuts to silence critics

By Johanna Lazore In the first week of June, it has been reported that the Harper government notified 43 Aboriginal representative organizations – including the Assembly of First Nations -- of reductions to their funding – some to be cut by as much as 30%. This comes

It takes desire to grow Begonias

By Richard Wagamese Summers at our mountain home can get pretty hot. We live in the B.C. Interior where it’s generally hot and dry without much rain and our house sits on a south-facing slope. There are no trees where the deck looks out over the lake

Letter to the Editor: What should Tecumseh’s Vision really be about?

Beginning on September 29th, the London District Chief's Council will be hosting a week-long commemorative conference entitled "Rekindling Tecumseh's Vision”, an event that will focus on the Unity of Indigenous People, Indigenous Reclamation, and Strengthening Indigenous Spirituality.   The Original People (Two-Legged People, Winged People, Water People,

Ask Holly: Nothing says love like a tub of worms!

By Holly Broadhagen Okay, in theory Spring is here, but  hopefully we are past the snow part and firmly into the growing season. This year I am trying to grow my gifts and I thought I would share with my readers some of my ideas. First,  gifts

Harper not learning from ‘mistakes of the past’

By Maurice Switzer First Nations know they have a good idea when the Harper government doesn’t want anything to do with it. That’s how it is in 2013 as we commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 – a document fundamental to the formation

First Peoples also have collective rights

By Daniel Wilson Working in defence of Indigenous rights, I have heard the rebuttal far too often that Indigenous people "fail to take personal responsibility" for their circumstances. Putting aside the inherent racism, the broader implications lie in the confusion between individual and collective rights. Canadians are

Saluting Korean vets

In 2013, we mark the Year of the Korean War Veteran and the 60th anniversary of the Korean War armistice. As a member of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program, I am proud to be part of its Operation Legacy, a group of committed young people

It helps to love the sound, feel and weight of words

By Richard Wagamese I love dictionaries. I think I always have or at least I have ever since I fell in love with words. I don’t read them cover to cover anymore. I used to but I started to notice how much of an elephantine pedant I

Letter to the editor: Harper: Get out!

Briefly reading the 2013 budget for the first time, I would like to know how long are we as First Nations people going to let this Stephen Harper sell us out, our land and natural resources? We have seen a few of his secret, behind-closed-door deals. Brian

Canada’s national newspaper now capitalizes ‘First Nations’

By Sylvia Stead The Globe and Mail A while ago, I heard from a reader in Victoria who wondered why The Globe and Mail did not capitalize the term “first nation.” It was an excellent question and one deserving of a serious look. The Globe’s Style Guide

Books can’t teach like Elders

                                                    By Emilie Corbiere Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a workshop in Parry Sound at the G'zaagin Art Gallery. An

Every day should be Mother’s Day

By Eden Beaudin There are so many ways to define the word “Mom”. In the dictionary it is described as “a mature woman”. My first thought was, “What can this possibly mean?” Possibly, a woman who takes on the role of taking care, nurturing, and loving a