The gift of medicine

By Richard Wagamese In our home we start every day with meditation, prayer and a smudge with ceremonial medicines. Before we do anything we do this. We use sweet grass, sage, cedar and tobacco. It’s held in an abalone bowl, lit with a wooden match and fanned

Fire Song: A Great Film – but an opportunity missed

By Beverly Sabourin and Peter Globensky Sometime back we had the pleasure of creating an innovative literacy project in Thunder Bay involving the numerous talents of the Cree playwright and author Tomson Highway (The Rez Sisters, Kiss of the Fur Queen). The project examined Aboriginal literature in

Critical need for Canada to commit to renewing relationship with First Nations

By Joey Krackle The Anishinabek leadership has a proud history of emphasizing the need for government to renew its relationship with First Nations. In August, Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day's announcement of a historic accord with the province of Ontario is the result of a long period

Opinion: Is it safe for me to travel?

By Kristin Grant When I was sixteen in the 1990’s heading out west via train to visit relatives, I knew because I am female that I had to be careful. Even now, in my thirties, I try not to put myself in risky situations – don’t always

What reconciliation might look like

By Beverly Sabourin and Peter Globensky In June of this year, Justice Murray Sinclair submitted a preliminary report of the findings and recommendations of the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). The mandate of the TRC was to complete a comprehensive examination of the legacy

Harper Conservatives’ 2012 Omnibus Bills significantly harm Anishinabek fisheries

By Joey Krackle The Anishinabek leadership was steadfast in their protest and opposition to Omnibus Bills C-38 and C-45 and protested strongly against this legislation which caused significant damage to the Anishinabek fishery and our citizens’ rights to hunt and fish. It is important to point out

Basil Johnston could tell – and write – stories

By Maurice Switzer Anyone who thinks Indigenous people are restricted to an oral tradition never met Basil Johnston. When he passed into the Spirit World Sept. 9, Johnston left behind a legacy of written words that is unsurpassed among First Nations storytellers. In his 86 years he

NEO Kids an important project in Sudbury

As the political voice for 39 First Nations in Ontario, many which are located in the north east, The Union of Ontario Indians is often solicited for support on various projects, across Ontario. When these requests come in, we investigate the legitimacy, and merit of all projects,

Ipperwash: like it happened yesterday

By Maurice Switzer Time can play tricks on us. What seems like a hurry to some is a snail's pace to others. We want enjoyable moments to last forever, and uncomfortable ones to be as brief as possible, so time can seem like both a friend and

An extra $25 million could improve quality of life for Anishinabek

By Joey Krackle Deputy Liberal Leader Goodale decried the new higher spending limits for political parties for the current 78 day election campaign which Liberals estimated could cost Canadian taxpayers at least $54.5 million per party rather than the $25 million for the previous 37 day 2011

The Recession: Partnership with First Nations would supercharge the economy

By Isadore Day, Wiindawtegowinini, Ontario Regional Chief It’s official. Canada is in a recession. The cold hard truth is First Nations have been in economic depression since Canada carved out the first postage-stamp size reserves over 200 years ago. Neither of us needs to be in this

Don’t vote: It just encourages them!

By Beverly Sabourin and Peter Globensky At election time we chide ourselves for not following through with an idea we once had of mass producing and distributing a neon-coloured bumper sticker declaring “Don’t Vote: It just encourages them.” But as cynical as we have become about our

Letter to the Editor – Remembering Ipperwash

Great Read, I just returned from "the beach". That is what we called it as we packed up the car to head 2 1/2 hours west from Burlington from 1970 - 1984. There was a family run set of cottages right at the bottom of West Ipperwash

Innergex renewable energy and their goal – ‘Human Aspect’ – Part 3 of 3

In today's society, politicians are not listening to the people and have stripped away the municipality and citizen's rights of what goes on in their community when it comes to Wind Turbine Companies. The government is doing unfair dealings by signing contracts that we do not want

Teach our children well

By Suzanne Keeptwo You may have attended residential school. You may have been “educated” to work as a domestic or labourer. You may have struggled because the language of instruction was not in your mother tongue. You may have attended a reserve school with a high turnover