Sounds of a native trumpet

By Richard Wagamese I have always loved the sound of a trumpet. When I was small a brass band came to the church I attended and I remember looking up in awe as the trumpet player pealed off a high cascade of notes above the melody of

Whiteskin owner angry after Blackskin judge cancels Redskin trademark

By Maurice Switzer For 83 years there has been a professional football team that chooses to name itself after the perceived colour of Native American skin. Owners of the Washington Redskins claim the team name and stereotypical Indian head logo actually “honour” the people on whose  stolen

Punctuation of the heart

By Richard Wagamese I work with words. As a writer and a storyteller words are my basic equipment. Since I got my first paid job as a writer back in 1979 I have been engaged in the process of learning how to use my tools. The learning

Gaining cultural insights while planning a wedding

I recently got engaged at the end of May and have slowly started the gargantuan task of planning a wedding.  My fiancé and I aren’t religious so we decided on a hand-fasting ceremony (A nod to our shared Celtic heritage), but we still want to incorporate some

Letter to the Editor: Tell HRTO and Hockey Canada, We Are Not Your Mascot!

by Brad Gallant.  I have taken the City of Mississauga to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario over their financial and moral support of 5 teams that continue to use native mascots. The City of Mississauga’s Request for Summary Hearing (dismissal) was recently denied, as was their

Will federal election result in reconciliation or colonialism-as-usual?

By Catherine Murton Stoehr and Maurice Switzer On Oct. 19 Canadians will elect a new federal government, and on that day they will decide whether or not they will be Idle No More. Successive governments have commissioned numerous reports, supposedly with the intention of reframing the relationship and

Open Letter to the Memengweshi Council re: their Windmill Development Partnership

The mandate of the Memengweshi Council is “to ensure the integrity and appropriateness of the Zibi development” but so many other Algonquin, First Nations, and National Capital Region citizens oppose it. Developers can claim to be as environmental as they want but the most assured way to

The water bill is long overdue

By Beverly Sabourin and Peter Globensky The small First Nations community of Shoal Lake #40 is located in a lake of the same name just east of the Ontario-Manitoba border and south of the Trans-Canada highway in the Kenora district of northwestern Ontario. In the early part

Open letter to the Premier of Ontario

July 14, 2015 Hon. Kathleen Wynne Premier of Ontario Legislative Building Queen’s Park Toronto, ON  M7A 1A1 Dear Premier Wynne: I am writing in advance of the Council of Federation Summit with respect to the pre-meeting between Premiers and National Aboriginal Organizations. First Nations in Ontario have

Letter to the editor: Opposition to Bill C-51

I am adamantly opposed to the Conservative government’s Bill C- 51. It undermines the foundations of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms – and what it means to be Canadian. Because of its very fuzzy definitions of "terrorism," "safety," and "security," it casts a very wide net

Open letter from Memengweshii Council

Editor's Note:  The Anishinabek News apologizes for publishing the pieces at the end of May, 2015 which questioned the integrity of the Memengweshii Council.   The articles were promptly taken down on June 1st.  June 22, 2015 It's Time to Act on a New Partnership - A

The truth about reconciliation

By Bev Sabourin and Peter Globensky “The only way to get to the future is to pass through the present. This is the only truth that can guide our reconciliation.” The purpose of the 94 recommendations emanating from the report of the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) is

Development on the Chaudière Falls? No!

By Albert Dumont The Chaudière Falls - so many thoughts come to mind when I see and hear them. ‘The Kettle of Boiling Waters’ for me, always provokes thoughts of life and its purpose and of the world waiting for us after our hearts have ceased to

‘Sorry’ won’t pay for $28 cabbages

Open letter to Jay Aspin, MP, Nipissing-Timiskaming: Dear Jay: Thought it was time I replied to your many letters that have been showing up in my mailbox more often than two-for-one pizza offers. (By the way, that's got to be expensive, sending letters to every home in

Education is key to reconciliation

By Grand Chief Gord Peters - AIAI To the children we lost, the ones who survived, and the families who were never the same without them, today we honour and recognize your stories and your truths. For more than 100 years, our children were taken from us.